Our solutions are specially designed into a standard solution that caters specifically to paper and packaging businesses. Tailor-made precisely for this niche industry, these vertical business solutions help you manage your processes from start to end, thus boosting efficiency, optimizing processes and maximizing value. Being fully adaptable to your specific business demands, they give you the strategic advantage you need.
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Helping you streamline your business

All around Asia, more than 100 companies like yours are running their businesses on our business management software solutions.

At this very instant.

Everyday in everyway, businesses from waste paper recycling to paper mills to corrugated packaging are depending on our solutions to run faster and better. Whether you are a market leader or a new start-up, in the competitive world of paper and packaging, gaining a small leverage makes a big difference.

Which is what we are here for. Our aim is simple: to help you streamline your business. In a world where there is no room for error and risks, the right technology and innovation can put your leaps and bounds to gain maximum competitive advantage.

With almost two decades of experience helping businesses save money and time while increasing productivity and profit, Prestige Atlantic Asia has gained admiration and respect from its contemporaries for its business ethics and relentless quest for excellence. From our humble beginnings in 1993 and reaching greater heights each year, we continue to make products that are second to none.

Running a successful paper business is not easy. But with a partner like us, it's all about being better tomorrow than you are today. What you need today is not better technology; what you need is a simple solution that makes a big difference.

Talk to us. When it comes to paper business, we know.